Russell Crowe and Other Celebrities Are Seeing Spike in UFO Activity

As UFO sightings continue to spike in 2013, we can now add an A-list celeb to the roster of “believers.”

After setting up a camera (a Canon 5D with no flash) to capture pictures of fruit bats in the Sydney suburb of Woolloomooloo, Russel Crowe took to Twitter to share his findings.

Check out the time lapsed photos below.

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And while tweeps and media alike took to dissecting the legitimacy of the video, Crowe stood by his finding by debunking every emerging theory from lens flare to a light beacon from Sydney Harbor.

But this isn’t the first time Hollywood has had a close encounter.

Last year, Victoria Beckham took to Twitter to share her own image of an unknown object hovering above her LA home.

While in late 2011, Billy Ray Cyrus tweeted his own picture of inexplicable flying saucers.

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The three have joined the ranks of Ronald Reagan, David Bowie, John Lennon, Muhammad Ali , among others, to have reportedly seen UFOs.

But the UFOs aren’t just for the celebs, and 2013 has been a year to remember.
Regular people’s cameras have been rolling too, some even in HD.
Check out the awesome videos below and be sure to share with your friends so we can all finally answer the question, Are we alone?

March 11, 2013
Enigmatically captured “somewhere above the USA”, this video shows a cylindrical flying tube in 1080p HD seemingly flashing neon colors as it flies through a clear blue sky.

March 10th, 2013
A small glowing orb darting in and out of brush in an arid outpost of Texco, Mexico has surfaced. What do you think it is?

Early 2013
A lined up grouping of slow moving orbs cause curiosity over Santiago, Chile.