Shocking Infographic Shows How Many Sharks Humans Slaughter Every Hour

Sharks get a bad rap. Always have, and unfortunately, probably always will. They’ve been around since the dinosaurs and humans are by far the worst enemy they’ve ever encountered.

A report recently published in the journal Marine Policy, revealed that an estimated 100 million sharks are killed by humans every year. Most of them killed for their fins used in shark fin soup, popular in many parts of Asia. 100 million is only an estimate though and the number could be as high as 273 million.

12 people were killed by sharks in 2011. Not 12 people in the United States – in the world. Ouch. These numbers are what led Joe Chernov and Robin Richards to create the following infographic that shows just how many sharks are slaughtered by humans in a single hour. It’s beyond sad and frankly, sickening.


Via Huffington Post and JoeChernov