High School Softball Coach Suspended for Asking Players to Get Him Girls

Softball Coach Suspended

High school sports coaches are often associated with the words “creepy” and “sexual deviant.” Here’s another case of a high school softball coach trying to nab some ladies in the most unprofessional way possible.

Troy Hennum, a 25-year-old high school softball coach who works at Roosevelt High School in Seattle, just got his job last week. He messed up immediately after he was found sending his students on a scavenger hunt … for women’s phone numbers. Troy sent the female players of the Roughriders high school softball team on a hunt for some special lady/ladies.

Softball Coach Suspended

25-year-old high school softball coach Troy Hennum.

The softball team manged to set up a woman with their coach. Her name is Katherine Aagard. The Seattle Times printed some of the text messages Troy sent to Katherine after she gave away her phone number:

this is troy. The Roosevelt softball coach. I had to see if your legit.

Genius, great way to meet a girl, use my girls lol.

Are you single? Or am I wasting my time.

At first, Katherine was flattered by the messages, but she reported him to his school after he asked her to meet him at a bar. Principal Brian Vance promised to “follow up on our end immediately” on the issue with coach Troy. After learning that he was under investigation for his his inappropriate behavior, Troy left Katherine this message:

I wanted to apologize to you and get on the same page if possible. Hopefully we can get on the same page.

Troy was put on unpaid leave for his actions. Roosevelt High School hired Troy, all the while knowing that he had been under investigation for sending these types of texts to an athlete in 2012. Troy also coached a middle school basketball team for the Edmonds School District since 2008.

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