Thieves Steal $1 Million Worth of Historical Artifacts

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Two Halifax, Nova Scotia men have been arrested for stealing nearly $1 million worth of historical artifacts over a period of two decades and displaying them in one of the men’s homes.

The items, numbering over a 1,000, were stolen from various museums, libraries and universities in the region.

Among the items recovered was a letter written by George Washington, rare books, antique war medals and a full suit of armour.

John Mark Tillman was arrested in January, and his as-of-yet unnamed accomplice was arrested this week. They face more than two dozen charges of possession of stolen property and trafficking of stolen goods.

According to the Toronto Star, the investigation began last July when officers pulled over the Tillman’s car and allegedly found a letter written by British Gen. James Wolfe dated 1758, reportedly stolen from Dalhousie University several years ago.

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