Teacher Filmed Girls Showering in Bathroom for 10 YEARS

Russell Singleton Teacher in England Teacher in Derbyshire Teacher filmed girls in bathroom.

A 56-year-old drama teacher from Derbyshire in England, who secretly filmed a girls’ bathroom for 10 years pleaded guilty today to a string of sexual offenses, the BBC reports. In total he was charged with 21 counts of various offenses against 11 different women, eight of them schoolgirls.

The teacher, Russell Singleton, had developed what the judge called a “sophisticated” operation, involving a fake wall in the men’s toilets behind which there was a video camera and regular camera in front of a one-way mirror. The camera was pointed so that Singleton could record female students and teachers showering.

Singleton pleaded guilty to nine charges of taking indecent photographs, seven charges of sexual activity while in a position of power, two charges of making illicit photographs and three charges of voyeurism where he has recorded females for his own sexual gratification.

Police in the area were alerted to Singleton by a student who complained of a “sexual encounter” with the teacher. The investigating officers discovered 10 lengthy videos that Singleton had been making since 2003. Detective Toby Fawcett-Greaves told reporters:

This has been a sophisticated and pre-planned way of obtaining indecent images of children for his own sexual gratification which is a clear abuse of his position of trust.

Singleton, who has been fired from his job, will return to court on April 22 for sentencing.

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