The Infamous Casey Anthony is Back in Court

Casey Anthony Trial

Casey Anthony in 2011, the year her murder trial was subject of national concern.

It appears as though the infamous Casey Anthony can’t seem to get her foot out of the courtroom. Anthony – who in 2011 was acquitted of major charges after being suspected of murdering her two-year-old daughter- is meeting with her creditors in a bankruptcy case. Anthony apparently filed in Florida in late January, claiming $1,000 in assets and a whopping $792,000 in liabilities. The crippling debt is presumably spearheaded by attorney fees, criminal defense lawyer costs, and investigative spending related to her nationally notorious case. Anthony needs this break as court papers list her as “unemployed and with no recent income”.

The 26-year-old is currently in court specifically seeking Chapter 7 bankruptcy  which would cancel all existing debt, freeing her from having to pay back creditors. Its main purpose is to give people who are hopelessly burdened with debt a quick fresh start. This court appearance comes in light of other news; last week a Florida Appellate court dismissed two of the four other convictions Casey was charged with for lying to detectives during the investigation of her missing daughter.

Casey Anthony Front Page

Casey Anthony described as “America’s Most Hated Woman” by the media

Due to the high profile of the trial, Casey’s location has been kept under-wraps as her notorious public profile has forced her to “live a life of seclusion”. This will be the first time she has been seen in a public place since the her verdict was cast.

This is quite a suprise for some as many people expected Casey to make millions vis-a-vis book deals, movies and TV shows. But these big money contracts never materialized. As reported by People Magazine, Casey has instead been spending most of her time indoors and online.

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