British Tourist Jumps Off Indian Hotel Balcony to Escape Rape

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A British woman jumped from the second floor balcony of the Hotel Agra Mahal because she feared she was going to get raped.

Indian hotel Rape

Hotel Manager Sachin Chauhan

A British tourist injured herself after jumping from the second floor of an Indian hotel Tuesday morning because she feared she was going to get raped by the hotel manager, reports One India News.

The 32-year-old woman from Greenwich, London was staying at Hotel Agra Mahal in Agra and asked for a 4 a.m. wake up call, but when the hotel manager, Sachin Chauhan, knocked on her door to wake her up, the woman said he would not leave. Chauhan reportedly wanted to give her a shower and an oil massage, but she refused. The hotel owner apparently kept knocking on the door and kept trying to get into the room for an hour.

“I refused and asked him to leave but he was insistent,” the woman said. “I had to push him out with the door, and then I bolted the door. He remained outside my door trying to get in with his keys until 5 a.m. I was shouting at him to stop harassing me, I told him I wanted him to go. I was too scared to leave my room as he was waiting outside. I was kicking the door and shouting for help but no one came.”

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The tourist alleges that a hotel guard joined Chauhan in trying to enter the room. She eventually went out to the balcony and jumped from the second floor, injuring her leg before fleeing the hotel.

Chauhan appeared in court on Wednesday and sticks to the claim that he was just trying to wake the woman up as she asked. Both men face seven years in prison if convicted of sexual harassment.

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