Video: Heated Argument Gets Crazy at Jordanian Parliament

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A session at the Jordanian Parliament turned ugly as a heated argument took place between MPs on Wednesday. A video caught all the action as MP Zeid Al-Shawabkeh accused Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour of corruption after delivering a speech.

The session was meant to cover the debate of increased fuel prices, but Zeid Al-Shawabkeh interrupts Abdullah’s speech accusing him of corruption  Emirates 24/7 reported that the second MP named Shadi Al-Adwan joined the crossfire once he sided with the Prime Minister.

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At one point, Al-Adwan is shown getting out his gun but the other MPs managed to control the situation. Deputy Fawaz Al Zubi was in the room shouting at Al-Adwan saying that he’s not allowed to carry a gun inside the parliament and added that it was a public offense. Deputy Lower House Speaker Khalil Atiyeh tried to keep things calm during the heated discussion between the two MPs. The scuffle continued outside the Parliament with other MPs joining in the struggle.

The video shows Ensour immediately leaving the hall as the other MPs tried to end the fight. After the session ended, Fawaz told the Jordan Times that whatever happened inside the Parliament was caught on camera and would soon reach many websites.

During the session, only one lawmaker was injured and taken to the hospital for treatment.