WARNING: Sex in a Lion’s Den is Always a Bad Idea

woman mauled by lion

Yesterday, a couple were enjoying a midday sex romp in a bushy area in a suburb in Zimbabwe when a lion rudely interrupted them, mauling the woman to death while the man narrowly escaped.

According to My Zimbabwe, Sharai Mawera was left behind by her unidentified boyfriend as the lion pounced, and ran for his life wearing nothing but a condom. I guess safe sex can only protect you from so much.

The man ran to a nearby road for help, but was assumed to be mentally challenged because he was naked and largely ignored. People eventually stopped to help get him to the police, but when they returned to the scene his female lover was already dead.

Bystanders claimed they saw 7 lions in the area. The remains of an as yet unidentified man were found the same day after an apparent lion attack. Also reported earlier this week was the death of another man after being mauled by some lions on his way back from a nightclub.

Wise up, people of Zimbabwe. Sex, partying and lions are always a bad combo.