WATCH: Baby Rhino’s Playful Video Debut in San Diego Zoo

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Look at the little fella go? That’s a baby southern white rhino you’re looking at in the video and he’s gone seriously viral. He was born on February 25th this year weighing in at a healthy 125 pounds.

The little [sic] guy is named Kayode, which means bringer of joy in the language of Yoruba, a language in West Africa.

91 of the species have been born at San Diego Zoo’s safari park since 1972.

Estimates are that there are only 17,480 of the species left in the world.

The Independent reports that one rhino is killed every 11 hours. The beautiful creatures are big money on the black market making and their gentle nature can make them easy targets for poachers. Officially the classification for the animal is “near threatened.”

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