WATCH: Little Girl Owns Rafael Nadal and Ben Stiller on the Tennis Court

Look out, Williams sisters, there could be a new rising tennis star in the making who’s after your titles.

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During the 2013 BNP Paribas Showdown in New York City, Rafael Nadal called out Ben Stiller to join him for a friendly volley on the court. What the tennis champ and Hollywood hotshot didn’t expect was to be humiliated by a 9-year-old after Juan Martin del Potro pulled her out of the stands for a doubles match.

The miniature tennis champ, Rebecca Suarez, not only held her own on the court with some nice shots against the net, but held a strong game face even when Ben Stiller tried to shake her confidence with some intimidation tactics. The little champ may be a good two feet shorter than her competition, but her game in on point.

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Rebecca Suarez

Rebecca Suarez

Via USA Today

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