Nonprofit Paints House Across from Westboro Baptist in Gay Pride Colors

Nonprofit Planting Peace bought house across street from Westboro Baptist Church and painted it colors of gay pride flag

The members of the Westboro Baptist Church are some of the most hateful people in America, so nonprofit Planting Peace decided to bring a little love to their lives. Planting Peace purchased the house right across the street from the homophobic hatemongers’ headquarters in Topeka, Kansas, and had a professional painting crew give the house a rainbow makeover in the spirit of gay pride.

President and founder Aaron Jackson, 31, noticed that the house was for sale and pounced on it. Six months and $83,000 later, the organization had purchased its new home. He told the New York Daily News:

We thought there was no better place to start than the Westboro Baptist Church. Obviously, they aren’t the most powerful group, but they are the poster child.

Steve Drain, a member of the WBC, had a different reaction to the house than expected. He told the Daily News:

I think it’s amazing. I thank God for that house because what it does is shine a brighter and brighter light on our message.

In case you’re not familiar, their message is displayed on their signature brightly colored signs bearing messages like “God Hates Fags.”

Jackson was originally inspired to secure real estate there by this picture of a 9-year-old boy who counter-protested the WBC, bearing a sign that read simply “God Hates No One.” He started Planting Peace with John Dieubon in 2004, and their other projects include opening orphanages and rainforest conservation. You can find out more about the house, dubbed the “Equality House,” here.