Woman Accused of Mailing Knife to Her Children to Murder Grandparents

WNCT | 9 On Your Side Greenville NC

Parents, take a note from 31-year-old Leticia Silver — don’t do anything she does, especially mailing a knife to her kids and telling them to murder their grandparents with it. The grandparents, who declined to speak with the media, have had custody of the girls, aged 7 and 9, for the past seven years.

Silver, who turned herself in last week, allegedly mailed the knife to her kids in December, and the grandparents found the weapon in under one daughter’s pillow. According to WNCT, she appeared before a judge for the first time yesterday, and she’s being charged with four counts first-degree solicitation to commit murder. She faces up to 40 years in prison, plus an additional month for each count if she’s convicted.

Silver was held in the Pitt County Detention Center under a $5 million bond. Some of Silver’s relatives, who drove up from Florida for her first hearing in North Carolina. Some of them believe that Silver was set up and is innocent, but prosecutors say they have proof of her guilt.

Detective Charles Mitchell of the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office said, “It’s hard to say what a child is going to do. The grandparents have told me that they spoke to the children and neither one of them would carry it out. They said that they loved their grandparents very much.” Whatever the outcome, let’s hope no one lets Silver near a silverware drawer anytime soon.