Woman Steals iPad, Takes Goofy Selfies, Which Upload to Owner’s iPhone

A man's iPad was stolen from him, and the thief has been taking pictures of herself that appear on his devices

A cautionary note for any travelers reading this: The “Find my iPad” app may save your ass.

Take the case of Allen Engstrom, a businessman who left his iPad on a flight. He thought all hope was lost, until a strange series of photos started appearing on his iPhone. The photos were of a woman (whom Engstrom has dubbed “Ugly McCrazy Shirt”) he’d never seen before — she took a series of goofy “selfies,” which then uploaded to Engstrom’s iPhone through Apple’s iCloud feature, unbeknownst to her.

Engstrom has been posting the photos on his Facebook page in the interest of getting his tablet back, and although the woman still remains unidentified, he seems to be making the best of it:

Hey cool! This is an actual pic of the wonderful person who stole my iPad. Apparently the pics she is taking of herself are backing up and appearing on my phone. No I’m not kidding, this is really happening.

A man's iPad was stolen and the thief is taking pictures of herself that appear on the man's iPhone