Anti-Rape Underwear Delivers Electric Shock

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A prototype of the ‘anti-rape’ underwear. (

In the wake of increasing sexual violence against women in India, a group of engineering students has developed ‘anti-rape’ underwear.

The garment sends an electric shock to the attacker, as well as alerts police of an attack via text message with the wearer’s GPS location.

Dubbed SHE, for Society Harnessing Equipment, the ‘anti-rape’ undergarments were created by Manisha Mohan, Rimpi Tripathi and Neeladri Basu Pal, three engineering students from Sri Ramaswamy Memorial University in Chennai, India.

“The lingerie, laced with modules of global positioning system (GPS), global system for mobile communications (GSM) and also pressure sensors, is capable of sending shock waves of 3,800 kV as well as alerts to the girl’s parents and police,” Mohan told The Indian Express.

“A person trying to molest a girl will get the shock of his life the moment pressure sensors get activated, and the GPS and GSM modules would send a SMS on emergency number 100, as well as to parents of the girl.”

The students’ research found that women are often first attacked in the breast area, which is where the electric shock circuit board for the device is placed. The underwear can send as many as 82 shock waves to a would-be rapist.

Reaction on social media was mixed, and while many praised the device’s goal, others pointed out there are other ways to prevent sexual violence against women.

The garment is nominated for the Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Award 2013, and is reportedly set to begin selling later in April.