‘Bongy’ the Bong Warehouse Mascot May Get Smoked

Buzzkill alert. A giant friendly bong mascot named “Bongy” is about to go up in smoke as he’s taking heat from “the man”, or in this case a councilwoman.

Ryan Place opened his head shop, Bong Warehouse in Esquimalt, B.C. last December and came up with the brilliant idea (probably while under the influence) of creating a lovable bong mascot to promote his shop.

Everyone else has one. I’m trying to get into the 21st century like McDonald’s.”


The guy does make a solid point. Ray Kroc has been using that clown Ronald McDonald to peddle his burgers and fries to the masses since the early 1960s. And we know the effect McDonalds has had on the world.

Bongy, the sleepy stoner bong with a mischievous smirk on his face like he just stole the last Twinkie isn’t admired by everyone in Esquimalt. Most notably by council members like Meagan Brame who wants to run Bongy right out of town, citing that he doesn’t fall in line with the city’s plan for healthy living. Bogus, Meagan. Totally bogus.

There are illegal activities associated with marijuana and not everyone wants to have to explain that issue to their kids walking by.”

Hmm, another valid point. It could be a tad awkward when little Timmy runs up to give Bongy a hug and Bongy’s response is “Hey kid, you holdin’?”

While not everybody in town is a fan of Bong Warehouse, Ryan’s confident that Bongy’s fans will stand strong with him and support his mascot… assuming they don’t get distracted by a MythBusters marathon.

People smile when they see him.”

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Via Times Colonist

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