Facebook Page Predicts Boston Bombing: False.

The internet is somewhat abuzz with an insidious little rumor that a facebook page called “Thoughts Go out To All Involved In The Boston Explosions” that according to the image was made Saturday, April the 13th.

Here’s a few examples:

To these dopes credit, taking a picture of a screen is slightly more convincing than an effortlessly modified screencap. Here’s an even more elaborate video version:

Insane how widely circulated these images and video got to be when a quick facebook search will get you the page. Here’s the bottom of it that reveals the true, un-photoshopped, REAL founding date.


Still, as annoying as this is, I think the worst offender goes to a twitter account that tricked many, many people into thousands of retweets.


Fortunately, twitter caught on and that account is now suspended. Good to hear. Keep it classy, humanity. People died over this.

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