Boston Bombing Update: NO Unexploded Devices; 176 Injured, 17 Critical

boston bombing unexploded devices

At morning press conference, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has clarified that there were two and only two bombs involved in the Boston Marathon attack.

Despite earlier reports that authorities had conducted a controlled detonation of a third device — and discovered up to five more — there were “only two explosive devices were found” … “there were no unexploded bombs,” Patrick said.

There were some suspicious packages that led to the confusion.

Deval also said there are more than 150 injuries, but the city police commissioner said there are 176 casualties, 17 critical, three fatalities.

He also said there are no suspects in custody.

Audio of the press conference, via @TheMatthewKeys:

Meanwhile, Richard DesLauriers of the FBI said there are “no known additional threats.”

The police commissioner said the crime scene has been reduced from 15 to 12 blocks. He later said, “We want you to live your life. We want you to be vigilant. … We do have a threat.”

The Massachusetts State Police superintendent, Timothy Alben, said “you might also see an enhanced presence at Logan Airport.” He said there must be hundreds or thousands of photos taken at the crime scene, and he called on the public to provide that potential evidence to investigators. 1-800-494-TIPS (Boston PD) or 1-800-CALL-FBI