‘The Last Innocent Marathon I Will Ever Run’

Marathon runners

Luis Tineo, a Venezuelan runner who was lucky enough to cross the finish line of the Boston Marathon yesterday, calls it “the last innocent marathon I will ever run.”

Tineo was there when the day that seemed so filled with pride and accomplishment evolved quickly into tragedy.

“I’m a runner so I finished the race relatively fast. The bomb exploded when more normal, ‘unprofessional runners’ were getting close to the finish line,” Tineo told Heavy.com in a phone interview as he walked the empty streets of Boston. “I don’t think this was a coincidence. I think these less experienced runners were the target.”

Boston Marathon runner

Luis Tineo, a runner who experienced the Boston Marathon tragedy.

Luis continued to explain where he was during the moment tragedy struck. “I was picking up my things there in the Copley Hotel when the bomb was heard. Immediately, police took action.”

Tineo, who has run dozens of marathons, said that “confusion” was the first thing he felt. “I think the international runners were the most confused with the whole situation … but you start figuring out details as time goes on … every reaction was so different. Organizers were practical and seemed very prepared for an emergency situation. Others were crying and freaking out because we didn’t know if there were more bombs. …

“When you’re running the Boston marathon there is his feeling that you are running the most difficult and important marathon in there world. There’s this myth surrounding it. Qualifying time is difficult. It’s an accomplishment just to make it in the race….you have the best athletes in the world surrounding you and at the same time, there is this sense of pride. Children, families, join in on this big event to celebrate Boston in this event, this naive event. …

“That innocence is gone and now what we are left with is scrutiny. For a runners and at a time in during which this sport is growing all over the world, who knows what’s going to happen to runners from now on?” Luis continued. “Will there be screenings? Security measures? We don’t know the effects.”