New Information On The Boston Bombing Suspects

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Earlier today, the FBI released images of suspects they were interested in speaking with regarding the bombing at the Boston Marathon, which took the lives of three people and injured over 170. Since the FBI released the photos, there have been tons of rumors about the suspects.

So far, according to different news sources, officials suspect that the two individuals in the videos provided both wore Bridgestone Golf hats, one white and one black.

In addition, Reddit posts indicate that there may be another photo of the second suspect. Currently, Redditors are debating the authenticity of the photo. Here’s the alleged photo of the second bomber:

boston marathon suspect, boston marathon suspect 2

Just a few minutes ago, Reuters published an article where they spoke to the person who’s legs were blown off in the explosion and is in this iconic photograph [WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC]. In the interview, the victim apparently helped the FBI identify one of the suspects.

According to them, Also, Megyn Kelly of Fox News tweeted that the second suspect was documented dropping a bag next to an 8-year-old victim, Martin Richard.

Tenergy batteries were used to power the bombs in the Boston Marathon. Here’s what Tenergy said on Facebook:

Everyone at Tenergy is deeply saddened by the recent events at the Boston Marathon. Our hearts and thoughts are with the victims and their families. We were appalled to discover our product was used in such a horrific and senseless act of hate. We will assist government agencies and police forces in any way possible to identify the responsible parties. Again, our hearts go out to the families and those who were affected by this tragic event in the city of Boston.

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