TERROR BOMBING at Boston Marathon — 3 Dead, 130-Plus Wounded

UPDATE 11 p.m.:

UPDATE 9:40 p.m. — Via Wall Street Journal: Investigators now doubt that the five additional suspected explosive devices found were indeed bombs.

UPDATE 8:59 p.m. — Via FBI Press release:

The FBI has set-up 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324), prompt #3, for anyone who has information, visual images, and/or details regarding the explosions along the Boston Marathon route and elsewhere. No piece of information or detail is too small.

UPDATE 8:50 p.m. — LIVE PRESS CONFERENCE, Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis speaking: Three confirmed dead. He says there is NO suspect at Brigham and Women’s hospital, contrary to reports.

UPDATE 8:50 p.m. LIVE PRESS CONFERENCE, Rick Delori, FBI agent in charge, speaking: Encourages “heightened state of vigilance.” Calls this a criminal investigation that is a “potential” terrorism investigation.

UPDATE 8:47 p.m. LIVE PRESS CONFERENCE, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick speaking: The National Guard has secured the crime scene and will limit access to it.

UPDATE 8:40 p.m. — Via NBC: The ages of those killed and injured range from 3 to 62.

UPDATE 8:38 p.m. — Death toll rises to 3.

UPDATE 8:35 p.m. — Via Wall Street Journal: Officials have found “FIVE additional, undetonated explosive devices in [the] Boston area.”

UPDATE 8:19 p.m. — Via Business Insider: FBI and Boston Police to hold press conference at 8:30 p.m.

UPDATE 8:16 p.m. — 4,000-plus unclaimed bags were left at the scene of the bombing.

UPDATE 8:13 p.m. — CNN reports at least 10 amputations have been performed on victims of the bombing.

UPDATE 8:12 p.m. — NBC reports one of the persons of interest in the bombing is a “young person here on a student visa.”

UPDATE 7:54 p.m. — CNN now reporting 132 injured.

UPDATE 7:41 p.m. — NBC now reporting at least 100 injured in the bombing.

UPDATE 7:26 p.m. — Sources tell Fox’s Jonathan Hunt that three more unexploded devices were found. Officials are scouring the entire 26-mile marathon route.

UPDATE 7:11 p.m. — Via Fox News live broadcast: The FBI and National Counterterrorism Center will brief the House Intelligence Committee tomorrow morning.

UPDATE 6:54 p.m. — The Red Cross has announced it does not need more blood donations.

UPDATE 6:50 p.m. — The JFK Library fire is extinguished.

UPDATE 6:35 p.m. — AP is reporting two dead, 80 wounded.

UPDATE 6:34 p.m. — One of the deceased is an 8-year-old boy.

UPDATE 6:17 p.m. — Speaking live on Fox news: House Homeland Security Chairman Mike McCaul says he’s hearing ball bearings were used in the two explosive devices that detonated almost simultaneously at the Boston Marathon finish line.

UPDATE 6:13 p.m. — Obama is addressing the nation. “We still do not know who did this or why; but make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this.” …. “We will find out who did this, and we will hold them accountable.”

UPDATE 5:59 p.m. — Via Boston and Massachusetts officials speaking in live press conference on WBZ: Ed Davis, Boston police commissioner, says it’s unclear whether the incident at Umass’ JFK Library was just a fire or was an incendiary device. It’s unknown if it’s tied to the two explosions at the marathon finish line. There is “no suspect” in the bombings.

UPDATE 5:50 p.m. — President Obama is scheduled to address the nation at 6:10 p.m. EST.

UPDATE 5:31 p.m. — Via Talking Points Memo: Boston PD says NY Post is wrong about the death toll and the Saudi “suspect” in the hospital. No suspects in custody.

UPDATE 5:21 p.m. — Via scanner: Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital on Francis Street reports a military-style duffle bag in the ER. The National Guard bomb squad is on the way.

UPDATE 5:02 p.m. — Via NY Times: All cell phone in Boston will be disabled to prevent remote detonations.

UPDATE 5:01 p.m. — Via scanner: A black male in a black hoodie with a backpack was spotted trying to enter a gated area. He was turned away and was operating an iPad. This was 5 minutes before the bombing.

UPDATE 4:51 p.m. New York Post reports suspect is a Saudi national.

UPDATE 4:49 p.m. — Via scanner: FBI is searching for a yellow Penske truck.

Explosions at the Boston MarathonWatch the aftermath of the explosions that rocked Boylston Street during the 2013 Boston Marathon. Video by Steve Silva2013-04-15T20:45:31.000Z

VideoVideo related to terror bombing at boston marathon — 3 dead, 130-plus wounded2013-04-15T15:08:20-04:00

UPDATE 4:47 p.m. — Boston Globe is reporting 64 wounded.

UPDATE 4:47 p.m. — CNN reports a federal source says the attack was “well planned.”

UPDATE 4:43 p.m. — CBS reports cops have surveillance video of someone carrying “multiple backpacks” to the site of the explosion.

UPDATE 4:40 p.m. — The New York Post reports a SUSPECT IS IN CUSTODY in connection with the bombings. He’s being guarded in the hospital and has shrapnel wounds.

UPDATE 4:24 p.m. AP reports TWO MORE explosive devices found and being destroyed. (This is in addition to the initial two explosion, a third bomb that was destroyed, as well as an incendiary device at Umass Boston’s JFK library.

4:18 p.m. — Every single Boston cop is ordered to be on duty.

UPDATE 4:18 p.m. — Relatives of Sandy Hook Massacre victims were VIP guests at the finish line tent, where the bombing occurred. The theme of this year’s marathon was “26 Miles for 26 Victims.”

UPDATE 4:16 — No-fly zone above Boston Explosion Area. Link

UPDATE 4:15 — Confirmed explosion at JFK Library in UMass Boston. Check out the photo below.

UPDATE 4:14 — Boston Scanner: EMS found a secondary device.

UPDATE 4:13 — NBC News: Small homemade bomb is preliminary cause of explosion at Boston Marathon.

UPDATE 4:02 p.m. — New York Post is reporting 12 Dead and 24 injured.

boston bombing 12 dead

UPDATE 3:57 p.m. — There are “at least 10” victims with lost limbs where at Mass General Hospital.

3:56 p.m. — MSNBC reports the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and Prudential Center ordered to evacuate.

UPDATE 3:55 p.m. — Via CBS: The third bomb has been detonated in a controlled explosion.

3:53 p.m. — Boston.com reports bomb squads are conducting a “controlled explosion” on the 600 block of Boylston Street.

UPDATE 3:49 p.m. — CBS reports “no credible claim” has been made taking responsibility for the bombing.

UPDATE 3:47 p.m. — Boston Globe reports police say they are “still FINDING” secondary devices and are “pleaded” with the crowd to go home.

UPDATE 3:40 p.m. — Lennox Hotel is being evacuated. It’s located at 61 Exeter Street.

UPDATE 3:28 p.m. — Fox reports that officials are securing the airspace and all news helicopters must clear the area.

UPDATE 3:38 p.m. — Reuters reports NYPD is sending counterterrorism units to NYC landmarks including hotels.

UPDATE 3:34 p.m. — According to scanner chatter, there’s “another possible incendiary device” at the JFK Library in UMass. Students are being told to stay away from the library.

UPDATE 3:31 p.m. — Fox News reporting THREE DEAD.

UPDATE 3:21 p.m. — According to scanner chatter, EMS is reporting the discovery of another device in front of the Mandarin Hotel.

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Boston Marathon Finish Line

In an apparent terrorist attack on Patriots Day, two explosions went off this afternoon in rapid succession near the Boston Marathon finish line as runners were still competing in the race.

The ball-bearing-laced bombs unleashed brutal carnage, as at least three victims were killed, including an 8-year-old boy, and many were dismembered.

The city instantly went on high alert — as every Boston cop reported for duty and onlookers were advised to “avoid trash cans.”

You can follow the Boston Police, Fire and EMS Scanner HERE.

Here’s what we know so far.

1. Two blasts were detonated near the Boston Marathon finish line just before 3 p.m.

2. There are multiple injuries and reports of missing limbs. Some 130 people are injured.

3. Officials discovered and detonated a third explosive device and continue to scour the area. There is word that five additional explosive devices have been found. The U.S. Postal service was ordered to check for unexploded devices in mailboxes. The marathon and all local bars and restaurants were locked down. The remainder of the marathon was canceled. The Prudential Center was evacuated.

4. Police say there is no suspect, despite the New York Post’s report that a Saudi national was in custody at a local hospital being treated for shrapnel wounds and burns. The person exists, but cops will not describe him as a suspect.

5. In a possibly related incident, a fire ripped through the JFK Library at UMass Boston. Cops haven’t determined if it was a simple fire or one triggered by an incendiary device.

Explosions Strike Boston Marathon 2013: Compilation of Photos and VideosTwo explosions went off today at the Boston marathon finish line around 2:45 p.m. as runners were still competing in the race. Boston police scanner chatter has SWAT teams being told to "go back and get their rifles." ABC is reporting that cops are telling people to "avoid trash cans." It's unknown if this was…2013-04-15T21:07:25.000Z

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Heroes and Kindness in the Boston BombingDespite the tragedies of April 15th, the best came out in humanity. People helped other people in so many ways: waited with them while the ambulances came, gave them food to eat, a place to stay, blankets, blood, and sometimes just a shoulder to cry on. Boston and its people looked fear, hate, and violence…2013-04-16T20:47:16.000Z
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