Boston Marathon Bomb Stifles Travel; Alerts and Advisories Here

UPDATE 5:02 — Cell phone service is offline in Boston to prevent any detonation of remote devices.

Travelling in Boston and through major cities up and down the East Coast will be difficult today following the tragedy in Boston, where multiple deaths and injuries occurred after 2 explosions. Stay tuned for more updates on travel advisories in Boston, New York, and DC.

Boston has declared a no-fly zone over the explosion area in the Boston Marathon bombing earlier today.

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If you’re looking to get in touch with runners, their tags are still connected. Click here to get redirected to and find runners from the Boston Marathon.

Police have been on high alert in New York City as well. Counter-terrorism units have deployed to major landmarks and hotels in NYC and police are in Times Square in NYC too.

Flights from LaGuardia to Boston have been shut down. In addition if you’re looking for people in Boston, or have information on people in Boston, click here.

Boston’s Logan Airport is up and running, according to a spokesperson at the FAA. However, heavy delays can be expected due to heightened security.

In addition, police in Washington DC have been put on high alert as well. They’ll be patrolling the areas near major landmarks.

Call 617 635 4500 if you’re looking for any family who may have been injured and 1800-494-TIPS if you have any info on today’s explosions.

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