Boston Bombing: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Boston Marathon, Boston Marathon Bombing

A bombing rocked the Boston Marathon on Monday, killing two people and injuring over 100 more.

A day of athletic celebration turned into chaos on Monday at the Boston Marathon after two bombs exploded near the finish line. The attack is being treated as terroristic, however, it is not known whether the origin of the bombs were domestic or international. Several people have been questioned in connection to the incident, but police have yet to produce a suspect or a motive. Here’s what you need to know about the day of terror in Boston.

1. Two Bombs Exploded Near the Finish Line at the Boston Marathon on Monday

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The two blasts happened near the finish line at the Boston Marathon at 2:50 p.m. on Monday about 15 seconds apart from each other. Footage shows blood splattered across the sidewalk and street and victims either lying on the ground or being rolled out on wheelchairs and stretchers.

2. Three People are Dead and Over 100 are Injured

Boston Bombing, Boston Marathon

A runner was knocked off his feet when the first explosion went off.

It has been reported that three people were killed in the attack and at least 144 people have been injured. Among the dead include 8-year-old Martin Richard who was standing near the finish line cheering for his father when one of the explosions took his life. He was in the third grade. His 6-year-old sister lost her leg in the blast. Also among the injured are a 9-year-old girl, a 7-year-old boy, a 12-year-old and a 2-year-old. Many even lost limbs after they were torn off from the explosions, leaving the streets covered in blood. It’s reported that at least 144 people were being treated at hospitals with at least 17 in critical condition and 25 in serious condition. At least eight of the victims are children.

“All of a sudden there was a loud boom — you felt the boom,” Stephanie Grammel, a 26-year-old from nearby Medford who was cheering for her littler sister in the race, said. “There was, at one point, a man with no legs — an image I never want to see again.”

3. Five Additional Undetonated Explosives Were Initially Believed to be Found

Boston Bombing, Boston Marathon

A girl reacts to the bombing at the scene in Boston.

The Wall Street Journal initially reported that at least five additional undetonated explosives were found in the Boston area, but later retracted the statement as closer examinations led police officials to doubt that they were bombs. Over an hour after the bombing, a fire broke out at the John F. Kennedy Library, leading people to believe that it was a part of the attack. However, library and police officials said that the incident was unrelated. No one was hurt.

4. There is No Known Suspect or Motive

Obama Speaks on the Boston BombingsPresident Obama urged people not to jump to conclusions, but promised to bring those responsible for the attack to justice in his brief statement to the press on the Boston Marathon bombing. Subscribe to The Daily Conversation Join the conversation on Facebook Add TDC to your circles on Google+ Follow The Daily…2013-04-15T22:43:22.000Z

Police report that there is no known suspect or motive at this time. Authorities are treating the bombing as a terrorist attack, but it is unknown whether the origin of the blasts were domestic or international. President Barack Obama made a statement urging the nation to not jump to conclusions.

“We still do not know who did this or why, and people shouldn’t jump to conclusions before we have all the facts,” Obama said.

5. A Saudi National is Being Questioned by Authorities

Boston Marathon, Boston Bombing

There were reports that a Saudi national was being questioned by authorities after a civilian chased him down when he was seen “acting suspiciously” at the crime scene. He is being cooperative, but denies involvement.

“This could mean a lot, or this could mean very little,” CBS News senior correspondent John Miller said. “It’s too soon to call him a suspect.”

Authorities are also looking into a sighting on a surveillance video that shows a man carrying two backpacks in the area of the explosions, but are not yet sure if the subject is involved in the attack.

6. Cops Raided the Apartment of a “Person of Interest” in Revere, Massachusetts

Boston Marathon Bombing, Boston Bombing

Water’s Edge, a condo complex in Revere, Massachusetts was raided by police following the Boston Marathon Bombing.

A few hours after the bombing, a Revere, Massachusetts apartment was raided for a “person of interest” in connection to the attack, but it is unknown what they were searching for exactly. The Revere Fire Department confirmed their involvement at the apartment complex on its Facebook page.

Deputy Chief, Engine 5, Ladder 1, Cataldo Paramedics & Chief were called in for Operational standby for State Police Bomb Techs for search of a “person of interest ” apartment at 364 Ocean Ave. FBI, ATF, ICE, Boston PD, Revere PD as well as MSP detectives and Bomb Techs from Boston PD and State.

7. President Barack Obama Vowed that Justice Would Be Served

“We will get to the bottom of this,” the president said. “We will find who did this, and we will find out why they did this. Any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice.”

8. Many Muslims are Hoping Those Responsible for the Attack Are Not Muslim

Boston Marathon Bombing

Muslims in the Middle East are well aware of American’s association of terrorists with Muslim extremists, and are now hoping that the person or group behind the attack are not Muslim so that the association won’t be strengthened. Many Muslims even feel compelled to make it clear that they denounce violence and consider it a violation of their beliefs. A Libyan Twitter user named Hend Amry posted a message that read, “Please don’t be a ‘Muslim,'” which was retweeted over 200 times. She added that her tweet was “the thought every Muslim right now.”

9. The Race is One of Boston’s Biggest Events

Boston Marathon Bombing, Boston Bombing

The 26.2-mile race is one of the world’s premier races and one of Boston’s biggest annual events. Over 27,000 runners took part in the Boston Marathon on Monday.

10. Many Events Have Been Cancelled or Postponed

Boston Marathon, Boston Marathon Bombing

The bombing triggered the NFL and Boston Bruins to postpone Monday’s 7 p.m. game against the Ottawa Senators on Monday and NBA to cancel the Celtics home game against the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday. There is no word yet when the NHL game will be rescheduled.

Bruins President Cam Neely made a statement about the game’s postponement:

“After consultation with city, state and NHL officials we collectively made the decision to postpone tonight’s game. Public safety personnel from the city and state are still gathering information regarding today’s events and it is vital they have all resources available for their investigation. The thoughts and prayers of everyone in the Bruins organization are with the city of Boston and all those affected by today’s tragedy.”

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