Conrad Murray is Going Batsh*t Insane, Making Threats & Singing Songs


TMZ got their hands on a voicemail that Conrad Murray left from jail for a friend, and it really doesn’t help his “I’m not an evil doctor who killed Michael Jackson” case.

Murray says that he has no interest in the legal battle that began yesterday regarding the wrongful death of Michael Jackson, and he wants to be left in peace.

Though many speculated that Murray would testify in the civil suit against AEG Live despite the fact that he did not testify in his own trial for manslaughter, his voicemail claims that he will be pleading the 5th.

He says that his refusal to speak benefits both parties, but if he were compelled to speak, one party or the other would “experience the impact of an immediate seismic shock. It will be so stunning, it will be equivalent of an implosion.”

Pretty dramatic. He should pen an end-of-the-world movie script.

Earlier today Conrad Murray was interviewed by Anderson Cooper on CNN, and felt that the song “The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot” perfectly illustrates his side of the story. So he sang it. On TV. In it’s entirety.

Yeah, it’s probably best for both sides that he doesn’t testify.