Daredevil Dies in China After Drowning in Diving Stunt

Wang Zijian

Parkour seems to be the craze of today’s youth and safety precautions are being enforced in case accidents happen, like what recently took place in China.

Twenty-one-year-old Wang Zijian was killed after a stunt gone wrong when he jumped from a 120-foot bridge into a rushing river that claimed his life, according to Chinasmack.

At the Sichuan province of China, Wang Zijian was attempting a stunt from a high-rise bridge and called his friends to witness this feat by recording it. After landing in the fast moving waters of the Tuojang River, the 21-year-old stunt devil was knocked unconscious. “He came to for a while and started swimming but then disappeared under the water and was not seen again,” according to a police spokesman.

Wang Drowns

Law enforcement have been cautious about the risks of making huge jumps from high buildings and bridges for some time, telling people not to risk harming themselves. Many different countries have been in the process of creating safe environments to let practitioners do their stunts.

Many parkour artists have said that the acrobatic sport isn’t dangerous as long as the art is practiced properly and safety measures are made. The art form was invented by French stuntman David Belle and has been popular in many action movies and video games.

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