Dogs Eating Pot on the Rise, According to Colorado Study

Warning to Stoners: Keep your weed high and away from your four-legged best friend.

A new study by Colorado State University shows that the number of dogs eating pot and going to the emergency room has quadrupled since medical marijuana was legalized.  These stoned pets have apparently been getting their paws on cakes, cookies and brownies that are laced with marijuana.

Warn your stoner friends!

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Denver veterinarian Kevin Fitzgerald told NBC news that he sees cases of doped-up dogs various times a week. Fitzgerald warns that if your dog has eaten marijuana, “they may be stumbling, they’re drunk appearing, they’re wobbly.” Other side effects include red eyes, an irregular heartbeat and/or poor temperature regulation.

This news comes in light of the new “dogs high on weed” genre that has been racking up views on YouTube:

But before you crack a smile at the sight of some trippy pups, know marijuana can be harmful and toxic for our canine friends. Although most dogs survive the effects, veterinarians are warning pet owners that ingesting marijuana can be life-threatening or, at the very least, a “bad trip” for them.