Sgt. Edward Charles Cunningham: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Sgt. Edward Charles Cunningham, US Marine in Quantico made threats.

Sgt. Edward Charles Cunningham, 31, a Marine out of Quantico, Virginia, is being held in custody in a local jail after allegedly making threats to hurt his fellow Marines, reports ABC 7. This comes less than month after three Marines were killed in a murder-suicide at the same base.

Here’s what you need to know…

1. His threats were discovered after he attended a standard mental health screening.

2. Contrary to initial reports, Cunningham did not have a “kill list.”

3. His threats were all verbal.

4. Marines at the base reportedly “did not feel safe” around Cunningham.

5. He’s being held in a local jail because Quantico’s own detention facility was closed last year.

6. He will face a court martial and military trial.

7. In March, three Marines were killed at the same base in a murder suicide.

8. All service members at Quantico are required to attend an “anti-violence program” following the killings in March.

9. Today is “recruitment day” at Quantico.

10. The Quantico base is also the home of the FBI and DEA training academies.