White Supremacist Gangster Arrested in Murder of Colorado Prisons Chief

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James Lohr (right) has been nabbed in connection with the murder of Tom Clements. Thomas Guolee (left) remains at large and is “armed and dangerous.” (Photo released by El Paso County Sheriff’s office)

Police in Colorado have arrested a white supremacist gang member in connection with the slaying of Colorado Corrections Director Tom Clements, who was gunned down answering the doorbell at his home.

james lohr tom clements murder

Tom Clements was killed answering the doorbell at his home.

Fox reports 47-year-old James Lohr was busted this morning by Colorado Springs cops after a foot chase.

Cops believe Lohr and Thomas Guolee, a 31-year-old who remains at large and is considered armed and dangerous, are linked to fellow racist gangster Evan Ebel, who is suspected of killing Clements. Ebel died in a firefight with cops after crashing his car following a wild high-speed chase in Texas.

Lohr and Guolee are members of the 211 Crew, aka the Brotherhood of Aryan Alliance, an infamous white supremacist prison gang that has been linked to Ebel. Cops think Lohr was in contact with Ebel days before Clements’ murder.

A paperwork error released Ebel from prison four years early.

Ebel has no known motive, but there have been several recent targeted killings of high-profile law enforcement officials, with at least two other cases being tied to white supremacists: