Journalist Warns of Marijuana After Accidentally Getting High on the Job

High on the jobImagine you're a pot reporter. Pot as in weed, marijuana, bud. What could possibly go wrong when you cover a drug that is legally contentious but widely tolerated? CIR reporter Michael Montgomery finds out the hard way. Audio Production/Sound Design by Ariane Wu, Interview of Michael Montgomery by Carrie Ching, Animated by Arthur Jones For…2013-04-25T07:00:16.000Z

Investigative reporter Michael Montgomery, who covers the marijuana beat, shared an experience he once had when he was covering a story and found himself accidentally high and learned that the new industry might need a bit more regulation than he previously thought.

When the journalist from the Center for Investigative Reporting accidentally ate two weed brownies at a Sunday brunch hosted by a young drug-dealer-turned-entrepreneur, Montgomery didn’t realize it until he was boarding a flight on his way home. Montgomery was so high that he freaked out and got off the plane. He later learned from friends of his who work in the medical marijuana industry that they only recommend to their patients digesting a quarter to half of a weed brownie. Montgomery ate two whole brownies and experienced an intense high.

Montgomery explains that the experience made him rethink his views on regulation of the drug.

“If I was a 16 year old kid and ate two of these brownies,” he wondered. “Where would it leave me if I were driving a vehicle?”

Montgomery said that to this day, he still feels a slight sense of panic whenever he smells the aroma of marijuana.

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