Air Scares Follow Bombing: LaGuardia Evacuated; Flight Stopped at Logan

laguardia evacuated

A day after the bombing attack at the Boston marathon, airports in New York and Boston both experienced security scares.

A central terminal LaGuardia Airport was evacuated after the discovery of a suspicious package. The entire central terminal was evacuated, and the amount of people that were waiting outside of the airport was documented by people on Twitter.

We’ve reached out to both the DCPI of the NYPD and the Port Authority of New Jersey and New York. We’ll update this post when they respond.

According to Corie Kupferberg, who took the images above, people are going back into LaGuardia Airport. However, it seems like everyone has to go through security again.

At Boston’s Logan Airport, US Airways flight 1716 was detained after arrival from Philadelphia. It seems like the flight was delayed because two men were speaking Arabic, according to news reports.

According to other reports, the police in Boston say the “security incident” on the plane is NOT related to Monday’s tragic bombing.