Michael Jordan Poisoned in 1997 Jazz Flu Game, Says Trainer

michael jordan poisoned, michael jordan flu gameRemember that epic Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Championship Finals with the Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz, where Jordan played spectacularly while sick with the flu? Well, Jordan’s trainer, Tim Grover, says that Jordan was actually poisoned.

Grover spoke to TrueHoop about the incident:

Grover says Jordan didn’t have the flu at all. Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose have recently debated whether or not Jordan was in fact hung over for that game, a suggestion that Grover scoffs at.

The real truth, Grover says, is that Jordan was poisoned.

“100 percent,” Grover says on TrueHoop TV. “He was poisoned for the ‘flu game.’ Everyone called it a flu game, but we sat there. We were in the room.”

To read the interview, click here.

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