Obama Shoots 2-for-22 for Easter Basketball With Kids [VIDEO]

President Barack Obama played basketball with the NBA’s Washington Wizards and some kids on Monday during the White House’s Easter Egg Roll festivities and his free throw average was less than impressive. Actually, compared to the kids, the President pretty much sucked. Obama missed his first 18 shots and ended up with and average of 2-for-22.

At one point, Obama asked for help from a 10-year-old boy, who made his first shot easily.

“He couldn’t make one,” said 10-year-old Kahron Campbell. “I had to help him out.”

Obama spokesman Jay Carney shrugged off the President’s poor shooting average and blamed it on a lack of practice.

“Well, I have not spoken to him about that,” Obama spokesman Jay Carney said. “But, you know, the president doesn’t get to practice probably as much as he’d like to. Having done a few shoot-arounds with him, he’s a pretty good shot. Pretty good shot.”

Nonetheless, the video went viral and drew laughs from both Obama supporters and critics alike. Obama played basketball for the same event last year, but only missed seven shots before making his first hoop. Let’s hope the President brushes up on his free throw skills for next year. Check out the embarrassing video out above!

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