Reddit Photos Don’t Show the Boston Bombing Suspects

We reported earlier on Reddit and 4chan’s collaborative “thinktank,” a huge set of images that used common sense and the power of the Internet, aka crowdsourcing, to solve the problem of who committed the atrocities in Boston.

But the FBI today released images of the two real suspects, and neither matched any of the individuals spotlighted by the thinktank.

As of 7:40 p.m. EST, it appears that Reddit hasn’t really come to terms with itself and still continues to try to solve the problem over at the subreddit r/findbostonbombers. In any case, it was an interesting experiment, but the FBI has a lot of money, a lot of resources, and a lot of experience. What blows my mind is that despite so many attempts in the thinktank, none of them correctly identify the FBI’s suspects, pictured below:

Fortunately, Reddit cannot be accused of being too irresponsible. The source of these images (r/findbostonbombers) now has new rules that state that NO pictures that purport blame can circulate that are not directly related to the FBI photograph. We’re not here to call Reddit the bad guys — after all, r/findbostonbombers has been thoroughly interesting over the past few days, but we are here to say that no one over there deserves to be hired by the FBI after this.

This image, like all of them, failed to correctly identify the suspects

reddit identifies boston bombing

We previously defended their actions in the Youtube video below, essentially saying that it’s harmless to play these games as long as no one tries to actually act on the accusations, which a few people did…
posting threats on their facebook and the like. Still, this was a cool experiment in crowd-sourcing, even if the results indicate that it didn’t pan out in the end.

Update 8:22 p.m. EST

: We just realized reddit beat us to the chase in realizing their own failure. This is the top post right now:


Welp, we can’t say crowdsourcing is good for nothing.

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