Uncle of Boston Bombing Suspects Says They ‘Deserve to Die’ [VIDEO]

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Ruslan Tsarni, uncle of the two Boston bombing suspects — who continued their terror rampage last night, wreaking havoc in the Watertown and Cambridge area — has gone on TV to clear his family name.

“They are losers….not being able to settle themselves…and they hated anyone who did.” Tsarni said in Montogomary Village, Maryland. “I respect this country, I love this country. … They were not born in the states, they immigrated.”

He was in shock: “On AOL I saw a picture of [his nephew]… I ask forgiveness for these people … he put a shame on the Tasarni house … the entire Chechen ethnicity … they put that shame on the entire ethnicity.”

He also asked his other nephew, Dzhokhar — suspect No. 2 — to “turn himself in” and beg forgiveness of his victims.

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