30 Skiers Complete Record Hand-in-Hand Backflip [VIDEO]

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A group of skiers got together on April 14, 2013, at Mont-Saint-Sauveur in Quebec to attempt to break the world record for most people holding hands while doing a backflip on skis.

According to reddit poster howImetyourdaughter, the second person from the right in the video, they plan on getting Guinness to verify their world record jump.

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“I wasn’t in charge of the whole thing, but I know that they want to try it again more officially next year. We were a bit last minute this year. But Guinness or not, I’m still pretty stoked about how well it worked!” they wrote.

Mikael Kingsbury, moguls skiing World Cup champion was a part of the jump, and tweeted his excitement about its completion.

“The idea was thrown about a month beforehand by Mik on Facebook but it was really in the last week that everything fell together,” says the reddit poster.

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