South African Man Stranded in Shark Infested Waters for 28 Hours…AND SURVIVES

Australia Waters South African Man Survives in Shark Infested Waters Brett Archibald

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While the eyes of the world continue to focus on the capture of the Boston Marathon Bombings suspect, an inspirational story has occurred on pretty much the other side of the world.

Brett Archibald, 50, signed up for a surfing trip through the Mentawai Islands off Indonesia, the tour company, All Aboard Travel, promise the area has, “best waves on the planet.” The slight drawback, it’s a 10 hour boat ride across the Indian Ocean to get there.

Australia Waters South African Man Survives in Shark Infested Waters Brett Archibald

During rough weather, Archibald went up on deck to urinate, feeling nauseous, he believes he lost his balance and fell in but can’t quite remember. The rest of those on the charter had no idea what happened to Archibald as they themselves battled sea-sickness below deck, reports Surfing Life.

Archibald says:

I released I was really seasick. I had two really big vomits and then I think I blacked out while I was retching.

By the time Archibald came round, he was lying in the ocean, his boat in the distance, without a life jacket. It wasn’t until a few hours later on board the Naga Laut, that they noticed Archibald was missing. Within hours, Indonesian rescue services and the tour operators were scouring the ocean for Archibald. He tells Surfing Life:

The night was carnage I had sharks swimming past me. I got stung by a jelly fish. Seagulls even tried to pick my eyes out and I have got big holes in my nose. It was insane, just insane. I actually gave up.

At around 6:30 a.m. Friday morning, Australian time, when John and Belinda McGroder, in their boat, the Barrenjoey, came upon Archibald, and pulled him out of the water.

Craig Jarvis of All Aboard Tours told Channel 4 News in the UK:

…he still has a bit of damage to his kidneys and lungs due to dehydration, but other than that, he’s fine – just incredibly exhausted.

And just to further drive home how tough Brett Archibald is, he plans to continue his ten day surfing vacation.