300 Teens Riot in Philly: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A large-scale riot has broken out in Center City, Philadelphia, amongst 200-300 teens, there are no serious injuries but 14 teens have been arrested.

Here’s what you need to know…

1. It was a 3 Pronged Attack

Three large groups of teens collided in a massive melee. One group was congregated 16th Street and Chestnut Street, another had assembled at 16th Street and Broad Street, and a third group was milling around 15th and Market Street, reports CBS News.

2. It Appears to Have Been a School Rivalry

Teens Brawl Philadelphia, teen riot philadelphia

Overbrook High School in Philadelphia

ABC 6 reports:

The boys were from Overbrook, Roman Catholic, Bishop McDevitt and Camelot. The girls were from Hallahan, Randolf Technical and Academy at Palumbo.

The difference in schools is the only definitive difference between the groups that has been released by police. Bottles and improvised missiles were thrown between the groups, and injuries have been reported.

3. The Philly PD Underestimated the Crowd

Teens Brawl Philadelphia, teen riot philadelphia

Police arrived on scene, but soon found themselves overwhelmed by the crowd. It was only when backup arrived that law enforcement began to get a hold on the situation, at around 4:05 p.m.

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4. This was not a Flash Mob

Mark McDonald, a spokesman for the Mayor’s office dismissed reports that had appeared on social media that this was the act of a flash mob, he told NBC10:

There is no evidence that this was a flash mob, I prefer not even to have the words in there because it’s a little unfair.

….There were 14 arrests, 11 boys and three girls, They’ll probably be charged with disorderly conduct.

5. It Happened in the Busy Business District

Teens Brawl Philadelphia, teen riot philadelphia

Center City is considered the financial district of Philadelphia and is in the Uptown area of the city.

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