WATCH: First 3D Printed Gun Firing, Signals New Wave of Gun Control

The issue of gun control just got a LOT more complicated and scary. The white clunky gun’s creator is 25-year-old creator, Texas University law student Cody Wilson who created his piece called “the liberator” with 3D printed parts.

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The gun may look like a toy, but it certainly is not. Created entirely with 3D printed parts (except for a common nail) Cody and his team at nonprofit Defense Distributed showed off the gun for the first time. Critics of the 3D printer had previously said it would be impossible to build a fully functioning gun, claiming plastic couldn’t withstand the combustion power of gun powder. Guess they were wrong.

The gun took a little over four hours to make, and according to Andy Greenberg of Forbes who was there to witness the event, the gun emerged unscathed after the firing.

liberator 3d printed gun

If you’re wondering about the threat of this technology falling into the wrong hands, you’re not the only one. NY congressman Steve Irsrael and senator Chuck Schumer are already pushing a pan on 3D printed handguns.

A terrorist, someone who’s mentally ill, a spousal abuser, a felon can essentially open a gun factory in their garage.” – Chuck Schumer.

Via Daily Dot