New Horrifying Videos of al-Bayda Massacre in Syria [WARNING: GRAPHIC]

Warning: Extremely Graphic Material Below

Last month, Syrian opposition claimed that a “large scale massacre” occurred in the Syrian coastal village of al-Bayda near Baniyas. Days later, a video surged online that showed the slaughtered bodies of Syrian boys and young men strewn along a blood-stained pavement, dying apparently where they fell.

Now, even more leaked footage has surged. Three new horrific videos have been found claiming to document the true horror of al-Bayda. Images of slaughtered corpses and charred bodies show the devastation of the Syrian civil war. One of the videos shows murdered babies in the arms of the lifeless mothers. This conflict has become increasingly violent, sectarian and unstoppable and what happened in al-Bayda appears to be on be one of Syria’s darkest hours.

While the government says that they killed terrorist, rebels say that it was a bloody sectarian assault against civilians killed more than 200 men, women and children. This is said to be one of the worst massacres of the war. But then again, the world knows little of Syria’s the true carnage.

There is no question that Syria’s catastrophic revolution has become a massive humanitarian crisis. Brutality is an everyday ordeal in the country that has been involved in a civil war that has pit government forces against rebel fighters. An approximate 100,000 people have died in clashes, with 3,000 dying each month. To really understand the deep tragedy of the Syrian civil war, one cannot simply look at numbers or approximations.

A diplomatic solution has proven difficult as the international community remains caught in a Syrian stalemate. Questions of U.S intervention surge while Russia remains a staunch ally of the Assad regime. As politicians and diplomats continue to discuss, blood continues to spill.

The Syrian people have used social media outlets such as YouTube to show the truth that is not being reported. Big news stations such as the BBC and CNN have deemed these images too graphic to air. We are aware that these videos are offensive but deciding not to air these does not erase it from history. We have decided to post this graphic videos to inform the world of the utter brutality of the Syrian civil war and of the pressing need for a solution.

Please be warned, these images are EXTREMELY GRAPHIC.

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