PHOTO: Amanda Bynes Bong-Throwing Arrest Mugshot — FREAKSHOW!

Amanda Bynes Mug Shot 2013 - Bong Throwing Arrest May 2013

So there is it, folks. TMZ has posted the new Amanda Bynes mugshot, and isn’t she looking lovely?

Bynes is the gift that keeps on giving. NBC New York reported on Thursday that Bynes had been arrested at her midtown Manhattan apartment on West 47th street.

Reports say she was smoking a joint in the lobby of her apartment building when the doorman called police. When NYPD arrived on the scene, it’s alleged she threw her bong out the window, a perfectly logical response. Bynes appeared in court on Friday morning in Manhattan.

Earlier this morning this “mugshot” was posted by Barstool sports blogger @KFCBarstool; you’ll notice Bynes is sporting a lovely platinum blonde wig:

So which do we prefer?

Here’s a better look at her insane hairpiece from court today:

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