Ariel Castro Charges: 4 Counts Kidnapping, 3 Counts of Rape

ariel castro charges rape

Ariel Castro, suspect in the Cleveland kidnapping, will be charged with four counts of kidnapping and three counts of rape, according to a Cleveland police press conference held moments ago. Castro reportedly waived his Miranda rights and confessed to the crimes.

His two brothers — arrested as possible co-conspirators — will not be charged.

Reporters from major news outlets nationwide were on hand for the conference, but most questions went completely or partially unanswered. Authorities would not confirm that a suicide note from Ariel Castro was found in his home, saying only that some 200 items were removed. They would not comment on details of the women’s bondage or the five pregnancies that reportedly took place during the captivity.

They did confirm the women were held in separate rooms and described the home as being “in disarray.” They confirmed that the 6-year-old girl found is Amanda Berry’s child, but a paternity test will determine whether Ariel is the father.

The most interesting question focused on a raid happening “two doors down” from Castro’s home, where investigators dressed in protective clothing were seen entering a house. Authorities would only confirm that it is part of the same investigation.

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