Daughter Kept in Dog Cage in Pickup Truck; Parents Busted

Memorial Day is usually a time where people come together to celebrate the unofficial start to summer with picnics and parades.

Abbey Carlson

But what motorists saw on Monday while driving down the Pennsylvania Turnpike was astonishing. Abbey Carlson, 29, and Thomas Fishinger, 30, a couple driving their pickup truck, allegedly had their 10-year-old daughter in the bed of the truck in a dog cage, according to Trib Live News.

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Thomas Fishinger

Several people called police to report the apparent abuse, giving the license plate and description of the vehicle. When troopers caught up to the vehicle and asked why the girl was in the cage, Fishinger said it was because she wanted to be with the dog.

Abbey Carlson daughter

They are both charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

Reiley Herman, daughter of Abbey Carlson

Seems like Carlson cares more about animals than her own daughter anyway, judging from her Facebook page.

Intolerance of Dog Abuse Abbey Carlson

Wonder if her relationship status to Thomas Fishinger will change to “it’s complicated.”

Abbey Carlson and Thomas Fishinger Relationship Status

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