Daughter Gets Best Surprise of Her Life at Tampa Rays Baseball Game

Let that heart-exploding feeling happen as you watch Lt. Col. Will Adams surprise his 9-year-old daughter at a Tampa Bay Rays game.

Alayna Adams and her mother were told that they were selected as a military family to throw out the first pitch at a Tampa Bay Rays game. Little did they know that the catcher of the ceremonial first pitch would be someone they have been missing for most of the past 2 years.

Lt. Col. Will Adams had been stationed in Afghanistan and the whole surprise was carefully orchestrated by the USO and the Tampa Bay Rays. In disguise as a catcher behind home plate, dad caught Alyna’s pitch then removed his catcher’s mask to reveal the heart stopping surprise. Alayna immediate sprinted to home plate and wrapped her arms around her father.

The crowd roared and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. It’s hard to beat a hug from dad.

Father Comes Home from Afghanistan

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Via Tampa Bay Times