Hands-Free Whopper Holder is the Key to Happiness [VIDEO]

Burger King Whopper Holder

With all that has to be done in our daily lives, eating is something you might forget to do. However, Burger King has a new apparatus to help with that. The burger giant released its first Hands Free Whopper Holder in Puerto Rico and a video showing how easy it is to indulge in a burger while performing multiple tasks such as: tattooing, playing the guitar and giving a massage. Consider it the future of getting fatter.

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Hands Free Whopper

The video features a guitarist singing of how he wants his hands free in order to dance and work while showing a young girl painting her nails.

While Burger King clearly has done this as a publicity stunt, other people are concerned with how healthy it is. It requires even less physical activity than before to consume the already fattening product. Let’s be honest, if raising your hands up to your mouth to shove more food in your face is too tiring, you’re probably not going to be playing guitar or painting any masterpieces either.

Hands Free Whopper

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Via Fox News.

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