Jeremiah Bean: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jeremiah Bean Person of Interest Fernley, Nevada Murders.

Jeremiah Bean, 25, is a person of interest arrested yesterday in relation to a killing spree that left five dead in and around the town of Fernley, Nevada, which lies north of Las Vegas and just east of Reno, reports KRNV.

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Here’s what you need to know…

1. Five People Are Dead

This includes two elderly couples, one in a home on Jessica Lane and the other on Tamsen Way, both small neighborhoods in Fernley, about 100 yards from each other. Another man, 52, was killed on 1-80 near a brothel, The Wild Horse Adult Resort & Spa. The victims have not been named as yet and this is being treated as homicide investigation.

Gary Dolling, who lives on Jessica Lane, told Kolotv about them:

Super nice guy always waving hi, hello, always brought me watermellons that he grew in the fall you know. it’s just hard to grasp right now that someone murdered them.

The owner of Mustang Market, a store where the 52-year-old whose body was found worked, told, that the alarm was raised when his employee never showed up to open the store.

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2. The Timeline is Bizarre

Yesterday, firefighters responded to a home on Jessica Lane in Fernley after reports of a fire; there they found a dead couple. The fire is believed to have been started when someone lit wood and paper in the garage on fire. Then law enforcement received a call of a dead body found in a ditch off I-80. Soon after, Lyon County sheriff’s deputies were called back to Fernley after reports of another two people killed. Police believe all five are connected.

This map shows the distance between Jessica Lane and Mustang, where the single body was found:

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Brothels are big business in Nevada with legalized prostitution in areas of the state, they bring in around 365,000 customers per year. There are 28 legal brothels in the state.

Jeremiah Bean Person of Interest Fernley, Nevada Murders.

Susan Austin, former Madam of the Wild Horse Adult Resort & Spa

3. The ‘Person of Interest’ Was Arrested on Burglary Charges

Jeremiah Bean Person of Interest Fernley, Nevada Murders.

Jeremiah Bean is the man arrested after he was found to have allegedly stolen items from the crime scene at Tamsen Way. He’s being held on $50,000 bond. Bean was arrested just two houses away from the Jessica Lane crime scene when according to KOLO-TV a man, who had just returned home from work, reported Bean hiding in his garage. The suspect was apprehended by SWAT team members.

Police are now also searching for a white pickup truck, a 1998 GMC Silverado with Nevada plates, 336-UNB. The car that belonged to the 52-year-old victim.

Jeremiah Bean Person of Interest Fernley, Nevada Murders

4. He’s an Ex-Con

Bean has a previous criminal record, arrested on one count of burglary in 2012. He was honorably discharged from the state’s probation and parole program.

5. He’s a Resident of Fernley

Jeremiah Bean Person of Interest Fernley, Nevada Murders

Though largely inactive on his Facebook page, Bean posted this inspirational picture on February 10:

Jeremiah Bean Person of Interest Fernley, Nevada Murders.

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