D’Oh! Man Gets Pencil Removed From Head After 15 Years [PIC]

Here’s one right out of a Simpsons episode for ya.

After complaining to doctors about impaired vision, headaches, and nasal discharge, a German man was stunned to find out he has had a pencil stuck in his head for the better part of 15 years.

ABC News reports:

The patient, a 24-year-old man from Afghanistan, had complained of impaired vision in his right eye, headaches and a discharge from his right nostril.

Asked how the pencil had become lodged in his head, he said he remembered a childhood accident about 15 years earlier where he fell and suffered a strong nosebleed.

Surgeons spotted the seven-centimetre pencil in a CT scan and safely removed it.

The pencil had lodged in the back of the man’s throat, damaging his eye socket.

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Pencil removed from patient’s head

Amazingly, the man made a full recovery in a matter of days.

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