MASSACRE in Syria: Dozens Executed Today in Village [GRAPHIC VIDEO]


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and Syria’s Violations Documentation Center have reported that “large scale massacre” occurred in the Syrian coastal village of al-Bayda near Baniyas. They believed deaths could have exceeded 100.  According to the Daily Beast, many of those killed appeared to have been “summarily” executed by shooting or stabbing.

It is difficult to assess the number of casualties that occur in Syria — a country that has a suffered a devastating two-year-long civil war. The latest estimated toll as of mid-February according to the United Nations quantifies at least 70,0000 deaths but the lack of media access in Syria makes it difficult to get the full picture of the carnage.

Many people have reverted to the Internet to document eye-witness reports for the devastation. A YouTube channel dubbed “Translator Syria” has posted a bloody video called “Martyrs of the Massacre d’Al-Baida. Syria: 03/05/2013.” This is believed to be footage taken after today’s massacre.

Meanwhile, state television makes no mention of the incident, reports the BBC.


The main opposition group accused the government of this large-scale massacre. In Syria, brutality and violence is an everyday ordeal.

If confirmed, this bloodshed in would be the latest in a string of alleged mass killings in Syria. Activists have stated that government troops killed more than 100 people as they seized two rebel-held suburbs of Damascus last month.

Citizen journalism image of the massacre released by a group that calls itself The Syrian Revolution Against Bashar Assad

Citizen journalism image of the massacre released by a group that calls itself The Syrian Revolution Against Bashar Assad

“It is time for the world to intervene and put an end to the grievous crimes of the Assad regime,” the National Coalition said in a statement.

On Thursday, after Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Washington was rethinking its opposition to arming rebels, Barak Obama stated that the United States would need to look “all options” to end the conflict in Syria.

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