Phoenix Plane Crash Kills 4 in Mid-Air Collision: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Newsflash: Phoenix Plane Crash Kills 4 in Mid-Air CollisionFour people have been confirmed dead by Larry Nunez of the Phoenix Fire Department after a mid-air collision in a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona known as Anthem.2013-05-31T21:42:46.000Z

A terrifying mid-air collision in Anthem, Arizona, has killed four people, reports CBS5.

This is a breaking story so please stay tuned for updates.

Here’s what we know so far…

1. Four People Are Dead

2. The Collision Happened Just Outside Phoenix


The incident happened about 15 miles west-northwest of the Deer Valley Airport, about 20 miles north of Phoenix Arizona at around 10 a.m. local time. ABC 15 reports:

According to Ian Gregor with the Federal Aviation Administration, a pilot reported seeing two small aircraft collide midair around 10 a.m. about 15 miles northwest of Deer Valley Airport.

3. The FAA and NTSB Are Investigating How a Collision Could Happen in Clear Skies

The Federal Aviation Authority and National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the crash and it’s still unclear as what the cause was.

Larry Nunez of the Phoenix Fire Department said:

Both of them collided. We don’t know how or why, the skies are clear.

4. Only One of the Planes Has Been Identified

One of the planes is registered as being from Massachusetts, and is a single-engine Piper aircraft.

MyFoxPhoenix reports:

…a Piper, manufactured in 2002 and owned by Bird Acquisition, LLC out of Norfolk, Massachusetts.

5. There Were Two Other Plane Crashes on Friday!

This comes on a bizarre day as two other light-aircraft crashes have been reported in America.

In Herndon, Virginia a light aircraft crashed into an apartment building, injuring three people. NBC Washington reports that the plane suffered electrical problems and was running low on fuel.

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Listen to the pilot, William Larson, 61, making the mayday call below:

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Meanwhile, in Linden New Jersey, another small plane crashed on to some train tracks. Two people were on board and were removed from the wreckage with “mulitple fractures, reports NBC 4. ABC 7 reports, the pilot it, “58-year-old Craig Maccalum of Montclair, New Jersey.”

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