Police Arrest Suspect in Mother’s Day Parade Shooting in New Orleans

Mother's Day Parade Shooting

Mother’s Day parade shooter suspect Akein Scott.

Two days after authorities released to the public the name of the suspect they believe to be responsible for wounding 19 people at a Mother’s Day parade shooting in New Orleans, police arrested him, reports CBS News.

Police department spokeswoman Remi Braden said Akein Scott, 19, was arrested Wednesday night in the Little Woods section of New Orleans. More details on the arrest were said to become available Thursday morning.

On Monday, police released a series of images of what appears to be a man walking out into a crowded section of the parade and rapid firing off bullets as people frantically run away while victims fall to the ground. Scott was identified as a suspect just hours later.

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The suspect was previously said by police to have a criminal record involving an arrest for drug and weapon charges. Scott was scheduled for a court hearing related to the charges on Thursday. It is not known whether he will be present for the hearing now that he is in custody.

Scott is believed to involved in the shooting on Sunday that saw two children among the wounded.

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