Susie Bell: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Susie Bell, an inspirational Las Vegas-based fitness enthusiast who has overcome personal setbacks to become a hugely successful professional and mother, has accused former MLB star Jose Canseco of rape, according to the disgraced doper himself.

Here’s what you should know about her.

1. She’s a Professional Body Builder

Jose Conseco, Susie Bell, Personal trainer, baseball

Bell began competing in 2005 and qualified nationally by her second show. In 2007 she won in figure Open and Masters Overall competitions. Between competitions she also did fitness modeling. In May 2012 she won five national shows and even has instructional fitness videos.

2. She’s a Personal Trainer

Susie Bell Nurse

Bell believed that the only way to give back was by earning a certificate. By having this she would show her commitment to “advancing the health of others,” according to her website

3. She Moved to Las Vegas from Washington State

Susie Bell Fitness

Originally from Vancouver, Washington, she relocated to Las Vegas when she got married age 20.

4. She Has Six Kids and is an Expert on Postpartum Issues

Susie Bell and her Children

Bell actually gave birth to seven children, but after the premature birth of the fourth child, the baby died her arms — a pivotal moment that led to her focus on fitness.

Her three oldest children train with her as a part of their own choices to “want to lead health lifestyles.” In an online bio she expresses her pride at having six children and not looking like it.

She has also been open about her struggles with postpartum depression. After giving birth and being unhappy with her body she made a decision to take a stand on her personal well-being and take care of herself. Her body had not been the best after being on bed rest for five months after one of her pregnancies. She offered some sage advice to fellow sufferers of the disorder in a blog post:

Fear set in when I would hear women talk about that just being the way it was. I heard them talk about the sacrifices we make with the permanent changes to our bodies. It angered me. I thought why does it “have” to be this way? Why when we are such sexual beings do we just settle for the norm? I found that a lot of women did it as a protective means.

Many said they felt guilty or selfish if they took care of themselves. Some said mothers were not intended to look sexy. I spoke with others who said that their marital relationships were in a poor state and they were fearful that if they got in shape they would no longer want to be with who they were with. I found that much of the postpartum weight that women struggle with is mostly associated with fear of something within themselves or their relationships.

5. She’s a Registered Nurse

Jose Conseco, Susie Bell, Personal trainer, baseball

While raising children her eldest children Bell was working as a nurse in an ICU in Las Vegas. She says of the time: “I wasn’t in the best of health.”

Speaking about her time as a nurse she says:

I found that I absolutely loved it.

In the same blog post, Bell also says that she expecting to receive her Masters in nursing this month.

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I know they both work out at my gym, and i chat with Susie from time to time when i’m there but never knew she was the one???

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